Monday, October 24, 2011

October 2011 Newsletter

Board Members

President: Maureen Thomas
Vice President: Craig Leonard
Treasurer: Dave Weber
Secretary: Denise Adams



Members present: Maureen Thomas, Dave Weber, Larry & Denise Adams, Craig Leonard, Cheri Schell, Kelly House, Rowena Elick, Richard Brooks, Steven Cooper and Lee Jaffke.

We renewed our insurance for the park. The premium has increased $17. Our carrier, Auto Owners is a Michigan company and has a good reputation for handling claims. We have re-bid in past years and have not found a better value.

Members present agreed that there was no need to seek bids for snow removal since our current contractor agreed not to increase his prices. The contractor will place stakes in various areas in the subdivision to guide his crews during deep snowfalls. Please do not remove the stakes.

A third letter has been sent to Janice & Cliff Carne who live on the corner of Oxbow and Burgess (right side as you exit) asking them to please trim their bushes back. No response has been received. Matt Slicker agreed to follow up with the Road Commission and Maureen will discuss this with the Township again.

The park is now closed from dusk – dawn (except for the Halloween and Christmas Bonfires). A sign has been posted in the park on the baseball backstop and the Township Police have been notified. Person in the park between dusk and dawn are subject to search and will be ticketed for trespass. Parents please alert your teens.

A no solicitation sign has been purchased for the entrance in response to complaints from Members about door to door solicitations.

Trees in the park and on the Burgess cul de sac island were trimmed this summer. Mulch rings were placed around the trees on the Ranveen cul de sac to prevent damage from the line trimmer. We plan to work with the Township to apply for a DTE/DNR matching tree grant next month so we can plant additional trees next year.

We have received dues from 114 out of 145 members. See attached Financial Report. A discussion was held about printing the names of Members who have not paid their dues. Instead, we voted to thank those who have paid by publishing their names in the next Newsletter.

We constantly hear complaints about dogs running loose in the subdivision and the park and dog owners not cleaning up after their pets. We are considering banning dogs from the park and all common areas if dog owners do not step up to their responsibilities. Roaming cats are a problem as well.

Unless you have an invisible fence around your entire property (that actually works) and your dog stays within that fence 100% of the time, YOU MUST leash your dog when it is outside. THIS IS STATE LAW. Members who have an invisible fence, please notify us so that we can put a list in the Directory.

Dog Owners, please pick up after your dog when you walk it in the subdivision or the park. We have a trash can in the park and will tie a few plastic grocery bags to it as a backup.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you encounter an aggressive dog in the sub PLEASE report it to ANIMAL CONTROL (248) 391-4102. Multiple reports are required before Animal Control can remove the dog.

If you know a Member who does not leash or pick up after their pets, please place a copy of this Newsletter in their mailbox highlighting the article above. Sometimes peer pressure can have a positive impact!

The Bonfire will be Halloween night after the trick or treaters are finished - about 8:00 p.m. Jeremy Macbeth has volunteered to get the pallets, Craig Leonard will provide the cider, hot chocolate and donuts and Lee Jaffke agreed to set up the food and drink so that Craig can enjoy trick or treating with his kids. Larry Adams will do the honors as Bonfire Master but we need a backup in case Larry is scheduled to work that night. Any volunteers?

The Public Access Committee (Sherry Woodbeck in particular) has done a great job hounding the White Lake Supervisor about this issue. It turns out the Township actually had an Ordinance in place since 2007 authorizing the Township to enforce the DNR rules (but no one knew about it)! Now we can move forward and try to establish a special assessment district to pay for monitoring the access site on weekends and Holidays between Memorial Day - Labor Day. Details to follow.

We are working with our neighbors across the lake to identify the boats that are illegally moored in front of the parks and beaches on the east side of the lake and to identify those folks who appear to be operating illegal marinas near the ski course. We will provide the information to the DNR and Sheriff so they can be ticketed.

We discussed next year’s fireworks show and if we want a two barge show. Our vendor has offered some new pricing options. It was suggested that if we are able to raise extra money for the “two barge show” we should hold the funds and try to obtain a premium date in 2013. Future Financial Reports will break out total collections between CIHA and NON CIHA (our friends across the lake).

The 2011 CIHA Directory will be delivered soon. We plan to publish every other year and want to make sure we have all new Members listed. Thanks to Steven Cooper, Sherry Woodbeck, Renee Brodie and Maureen Thomas for selling ads. We have made enough money to cover the print cost and a little profit too. :)

2011 Halloween Bonfire October 31st.
2011 Christmas Bonfire December 18th
2012 Easter Egg Hunt April 7 th
2012 Park Clean Up April 28th
2012 Garage Sale May 17-19 (vote winner)
2012 Goose Round-up June 23rd
2012 Fireworks June 29th
2012 Progressive Dinner July 28th

These are some of the things CIHA has planned. Please join in to get to know your neighbors. Why not attend a meeting and participate in some of the discussion?

We are still missing many members email addresses. We send out important alerts, reminders, updates and this newsletter via email. Please send us an email so we can add you to our contact list.

Board meetings are open to the entire association and are held quarterly. Dates will be emailed and posted on the park sign. We welcome your attendance and are interested in your opinions.

Since no one stepped forward to offer their services, the current officers agreed to serve another year and were unanimously re-elected.

We’re back!

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Adams

October 2011

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