Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 18, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:12 P.M. The meeting was originally scheduled to take place in our community park, however due to weather conditions; it was moved to Dave Weber’s home.


Maureen Thomas – President, Dave Weber – Treasurer, Sherry Woodbeck, Matt Brown, Larry Adams and Laura LaRosa

Treasurer’s Report:

See attached Financial Statement. Under “Operating Expenses” sub-category “Other Park Expenses” please note this expense was the cost incurred to remove the dead tree at the subdivision entrance. 120 of approximately 145 homes have paid their 2012 dues. If you have not paid your dues yet, please send a check for $50 payable to “CIHA” to Dave Weber 10033 Cedar Shores.

The Fireworks accounting is not yet finalized. It will be provided in a few weeks. A big “Thank You” to junior CIHA members Madeline, Elli & Liam Leonard; Cameron, Jason & Joel Slicker; Alissa & Sara Marchese and Courtney Luck who held a Lemonade Stand to raise funds for the Fireworks.

Change in Board Members/Officers:

Craig Leonard resigned as Vice President. Denise Adams was appointed Vice President and thus resigned as Board Secretary. Sherry Woodbeck agreed to act as Board Secretary until the Annual Election. Please consider running for the Secretary position at the Annual Meeting in October.

Park Clean Up:

There were very few volunteers this year. A discussion on possibly changing from a Saturday to another weekday was considered. A HUGE thank you goes out to Jeremy Macbeth and his father, John, Linda Tolman and Maureen Thomas who worked on the park, entrance and Ranveen & Coledale cul de sacs and Ken & Cheri Schell who cleaned up the Burgess cul de sac.

No Solicitation Sign:

We are communicating with the township attorney on the status of the promised solicitation ordinance. The ordinance will likely not be adopted until after the elections, but it will state that solicitation is prohibited in a subdivision that has posted a no solicitation sign.

Garage Sale:

From all reports this went well. Let us know how to improve traffic to your sale and we’ll file the suggestions away for the next one. Denise & Larry Adams made some amazing directional signage and we thank them very much! Ads were placed in the printed version of the Spinal Column two weeks out and the week of the sale, as well as online announcements on White Lake Patch & Craigslist. Both online versions had color photos of our subdivision sign and directions on how to get here. Thank you to Sherry Woodbeck for creating and placing the ads.

Vandalism, Missing Items & Related Issues:

We are not sure if we are just better connected now with e-mail alerts or if there is an increase in vandalism & missing items (or both). We are asking you to report all issues to the WLPD. In order to have regular patrols in our neighborhood, we need you to call and let WLPD know of any incidents. Plate number and vehicle description are helpful. For boat issues, MC Numbers and watercraft descriptions are critical. If you see cars in the public launch after hours, please call the WLPD as well. The launch is closed from 11:00 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Fireworks On The Lake & Unofficially, In The Park:

Fireworks on the lake FANTASTIC! Fireworks in the park, not so much. First, the fun and amazing annual official firework show. This event takes a lot of time, effort, money and cooperation to make it look effortless. A sparkly thank you to Maureen Thomas for her hard work and time spent on this event.

As far as the unofficial fireworks in the park - this is the first year fireworks that left the ground were legal to use in Michigan. In addition to state and local limitations, please be aware that FIREWORKS MAY NOT BE LAUNCHED FROM ANY OF THE CIHA COMMON AREAS INCLUDING THE PARK. Whoever launched fireworks in the park this year did so without approval and left a big mess for others to clean up. If you see anyone with fireworks in the park, please call the WLPD immediately. Also PLEASE be respectful of your neighbors and their property and mindful of the dangers posed by gas on boats and the extremely DRY grass this year. We have had many members complain about fireworks well after midnight, burn holes and firework debris on their boats and fireworks launched in dangerous areas.

Illegal Mooring:

We seem to have fewer boats illegally anchored on the lake this year. We suspect it is due to the new state law and the increase in activity by other associations on the lake.

Public Access Update:

The DNR has agreed to provide summer rangers at the boat launch Memorial Day – Labor Day on weekends and holidays if we set up a special assessment district to pay for it. A copy of the DNR proposal and the SAD cost structure will be emailed across the lake soon for an informal survey before the SAD petitions are issued. We also are investigating the cost to have the Oakland County Sheriff Marine Patrol on our lake periodically.

Bushes On Burgess & Oxbow Lake Rd:

They have been trimmed (slightly). This continues to be a concern for us. WLPD’s Chief Harris (248 698 4400) does not think there is a site obstruction at that corner. Road Commission of Oakland County (RCOC Phone: 877-858-4804) does not think there is a site obstruction at that corner. Everyone who lives in Cedar Shores knows there is a site obstruction at that corner! The property owners have refused to trim the bushes to an appropriate height. The bushes are in the RCOC right of way so the RCOC has the right to trim or remove them. Please call the RCOC and let them know you want something done!

Item voted on: Illumination of Cedar Shores Sign:

DTE will run an overhead line from the pole at Burgess Drive & Oxbow Lake Rd (where the bushes are) across the road to the pole near 396 Burgess and drop the line down to the ground free of charge. Sherry Woodbeck has worked with WLT to have an address assigned to the entrance sign and is working with DTE to get the free work started. DTE will also provide a meter at no charge and funds are available in our budget to pay for the light and installation materials. George & Judy Paulson’s son Scott has agreed to do the electrical work to connect the light to the meter for free. We hope to have another volunteer make the stanchion to hold the meter.

The meter will be placed behind the entrance sign at the request of the owner of that lot. The distance from the utility pole to the back of the sign is 73 feet. To run the underground line from the pole to the back of the sign, DTE is charging $10.00 a foot. This project was approved contingent on raising the $730 needed to cover this cost.

We have started an “LIGHT UP THE SIGN - ADOPT A FOOT” campaign to pay for this cost – each $10 donation will pay for one foot of underground service. Please help us light up the sign. Checks payable to CIHA should be sent to Sherry Woodbeck at 10052 Cedar Shores. Not only will it be a safety improvement, your pizza delivery may just get here faster when they can see the sign! You may elect to purchase as many feet as you want. We’ll not turn you away. You may also choose to remain anonymous or be included on the list of donors and publicly thanked at the lighting ceremony. Contact Sherry Woodbeck at or (248) 431-6546 (cellular).

Meeting adjourned 9:04 P.M.


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