Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cedar Island Homeowners’ Association

March 12, 2013 Spring Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:15pm at Dave Weber’s house. Present members were Maureen Thomas—President, Kelly House—Vice President, Valerie Brothers—Secretary, Dave Weber—Treasurer, Sherry Woodbeck, Jennifer McDowell, and Kevin McDowell.

Treasurer’s Report

  • So far this year, 45 out of 142 members have paid their dues for 2013. Please send or drop off a check for $50 payable to "CIHA" to Dave Weber, 10033 Cedar Shores. Dues notices were sent out electronically this year.
  • Dave reviewed financial report; since this is the first year for the electric bill for the entrance light, he paid $150 to DTE in advance (as we do with the park light) and we will know by the end of the year how much to budget for the future. For now we have budgeted $300 for both lights, up from $185. Donations for the light project total $810, but only $90 is shown as most of donations came in last year’s budget.
  • See attached financial report.

Updates Since Last Meeting

We have collected $810. Thanks again to everyone who helped. All of our donors are listed in an attachment. We are hoping to raise $90 more to cover the full cost of the amount paid to DTE and White Lake Township. Sherry Woodbeck would like to decorate the entrance sign for the Fourth of July—if anyone has extra red/white/blue LED lights, please contact her.
Golden Shores will take over Goose Round Up/Nest Removal. They will attend the necessary DNR class, and we agreed to split costs as has occurred in the past.
Those who paid their dues by March 12 will receive an email asking them to vote on the bylaw amendments. If you have paid your dues, simply reply to the e-mail and place your vote in the subject line (yes or no). One vote per household.
Very successful bonfire! Santa was great and the kids were excited to see him. Special thanks to all who helped out that night: Jeremy MacBeth, Larry Adams, Tim and Renee Andres, Jennifer and Kevin McDowell, Lynda Kucera, Chuck, Kelly and Jake House, and Brian Mancogna.
Our Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for 10am at the park on Saturday March 30. Bring bags with your kids to collect eggs. Be on the lookout for the Easter Bunny!

New Business

We will renew the contract with Lawn Stars for lawn cutting and mulch. There is a slight increase but still a great deal.
Increasing Easter Egg Hunt budget to $150 (from $100); Increasing Electrical to $300 (from $185). Everyone present at meeting was in favor.
It was proposed and approved that CIHA spend a maximum of $1500 plus the $154 remaining Mancogna funds to: buy and plant a sunset maple in the park along Burgess Drive in memory of John Mancogna (to replace the Cottonwood we lost in 2008); buy and plant a red maple on the cul de sac at Coledale Court; remove the willow and crab apple from the cul de sac at Burgess Drive and plant 3 small red maples there.
Rather than add another light in the park, a money saver may be to use the light that is currently over the basketball court/tires in the park and swing it over towards the pergola for better lighting of the area where we have had issues with vandalism. Clean-up date for the park TBA…
We need folks to sell ads for the 2013-14 Directory. Form is attached. This year we plan to have a photo contest for the Directory; open to anyone who lives in the sub; subject matter must be related to our lake/subdivision living. The winning photo will be used for the cover of our Directory; other entrants may be printed inside the directory. Details will be sent out soon.
Please call the Oakland County Road Commission at 877-858-4804 to report pot holes.

Meeting was adjourned at 9pm. Next CIHA meeting is tentatively set for July in the Park.
Respectfully submitted by Valerie Brothers, CIHA Secretary


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