Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Meeting Minutes 2014

Cedar Island Homeowners’ Association

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August 7, 2014 - Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Kelly and Chuck House. Present were Maureen Thomas - President, Kelly House -Vice President, Mike Williams - Secretary, Board Members Valerie Brothers and Dave Weber, and CIHA Members Shelly Brooks, Richard Brooks, Brenda Simkins, Michael Simkins, Jim LaRosa, Laura LaRosa, Rick Morin, Paula Morin, Carol Fitzgerald, Linda Raye and Sherry Woodbeck.

Treasurer’s Report:
We exceeded our goal of increasing the number of dues paying members. As of the end of July, 124 members have paid their dues! If you have not paid your dues yet, please send a check for $50 payable to CIHA to our treasurer Sue Ralko at 592 Burgess Drive. The Financial Statement is attached.

Updates Since Last Meeting
  • Stop signs at Oxbow Lake & Elizabeth – After many letters from the neighborhood to the Oakland County Road Commission, they have made the Elizabeth Lake & Oxbow Lake intersection a three way stop. Thanks to all who took the time to send in a letter or call RCOC.
  • Fireworks – As previously announced, the 2015 fireworks will be Saturday June 27th. When dates are obtained from the vendor for 2016, we will conduct an email vote.
  • “Good Guys” list – The list is being finalized and will be distributed via email and posted on the website. Thanks to Jennifer McDowell for this idea and handling the updates. Thanks to those members who submitted vendors to add to the list
  • Woodland Shores' entrance – The entrance is much improved. We will now focus on working with the family renting the lot across from our entrance to get that cleaned up (see related item in New Business below).
  • No solicitation sign – A new sign was obtained by Sherry Woodbeck (thank you) with a more secure attachment.
  • Progressive dinner – The dinner sold out again this year. Attendees enjoyed a delicious meal and socializing with their neighbors from all parts of the lake. A big thank you to Kerri Wimmer & Steve Cooper for organizing this event.
  • Easter egg hunt – This event was a BIG success and well attended by the neighborhood. More children are attending each year, so we will plan accordingly. Thanks to Val Brothers for her efforts.
  • Park clean up – Volunteers showed up to spot paint the swing set, mulch the playground, repaint the fence, and remove dead bushes. Thanks to Kelly House for organizing the volunteers.
  • Garage sale – Approximately 10 houses participated this year. Many houses reported an increase in traffic due to additional advertising by Renee Brodie (thanks) and our new sign.
New Business
  • CIHA picnic – There is money in the budget for a picnic/family event in the park, but we need a volunteer to take the lead and make this happen. Please email us if you are willing to help.
  • Site impediments at entrance – Last year Ernie Maier approached the renters at the house at the corner to trim their bushes and trees to make the corner safer and more attractive. Dave Niles is organizing a group to do the same this year. Please email us if you are willing to help.
  • CIHA event sign – Moving the sign to the subdivision entrance was voted down at the meeting. There was concern that folks who slow down to read it might create a traffic hazard.
  • Purchase new event signs – The sign at the park is easily damaged due to bad weather and needs to be continually replaced. Members voted to allow the Board to investigate and purchase signs meant for outdoor use that will not need to be replaced as often.
  • Snow plow contract – The new vendor for snow plowing last winter did a good job (considering all the snow we had and the fact that he was a last minute replacement). If he does not raise his price, members voted to allow the Board to contract with him again.
  • Website – Kelly House is updating the website to link to our corporate documents filed with the state and to include copies of the deed restrictions. Minutes are posted on the website for a limited time period then archived by year. CIHA Bylaws are available via email upon request.
  • Sheriff patrol on the lake – Although not on the meeting agenda, several attendees asked to discuss this issue. The Sheriff’s office contacted Maureen Thomas in June to offer to patrol the lake this summer. As Maureen did not feel she or the Board should be making this decision, an email was sent out to 280 individuals who live on the lake. About 75 responded with the majority being in favor of hiring the sheriff and agreeing to pay for it. NO CIHA DUES MONEY WAS USED TO PAY FOR THE SHERIFF LAKE PATROL. CIHA wrote the check at the Township’s request, but not until it had collected and deposited funds from those who agree to pay for the service. The Sheriff does not actually need permission to patrol our lake as Cedar Island Lake is not private. However due to budget constraints the Sheriff now requires a contract with the municipality where the lake is located and charges a fee to be paid by those lake front owners who request the service.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:46 pm. Next CIHA meeting TBD in October.


  • White Lake Police Department has introduced an online tool to show people where and what crime has occurred in the community. The neighborhood crime map can be accessed via
  • We receive several complaints in the neighborhood about bonfires that produce ash and heavy smoke. Please be considerate of your neighbors in determining the size, location and contents of your bonfire or burn pile. Also the weather and time of day should be considered. White Lake Ordinance No. 122, Section 307.1 - prohibits burning leaves or any other burning that is considered offensive.
  • Someone has been lighting off firecrackers in the mailboxes of residents near the park. If caught, tampering with a United States Postal Service mailbox is a federal offense and neighbors have advised the Board they will press charges. All residents should inform their children of this information.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cedar Island Homeowners’ Association

April 3, 2014 - Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m. at Susan and Chris Ralko’s home. Present were Maureen Thomas—President, Kelly House—Vice President, Susan Ralko – Treasurer, Board Members Valerie Brothers & Dave Weber and CIHA Members Renee Brodie, Sherry Woodbeck and Sue & Tim Puchalsky.

Treasurer’s Report:

We are making a big push to get everyone to pay their dues in the next 30 days. If you have paid your dues, thank you.  If not, send your check for $50 payable to Susan Ralko at 592 Burgess. The attached Financial Statement includes the 2014 budget as approved.

Updates Since Last Meeting

Snow Removal – folks were generally happy with the service especially considering this was the contractor’s first year and we had an enormous amount of snow.
Letter to Non Dues Payers – there is a small group of members who have not paid their dues in several years.  The Board sent them a letter encouraging them to pay their dues and offering to meet with them to discuss any concerns. It is not fair to those who pay their dues every year to subsidize folks who do not pay.
Goose Nest Removal – we obtained a new 5 year resolution from White Lake Township permitting us to apply to the DNR/USDA for a nest removal permit. If you have a goose nest on your property please send an email to and those who have been trained by the DNR/USDA will remove it once we receive the permit. The eggs should not be removed until they are warm or the geese will simply lay more eggs in the existing nest or elsewhere on the lake. We are not planning to do the Goose Round Up this year as the USDA releases the birds in Monroe which is too close to ensure they will not return.
Directory – the Directory has been distributed to everyone except snowbirds who will receive a copy in May. We made a profit of $476 on the ads. Thank you to Steve Cooper, Maureen Thomas, Sherry Woodbeck, Renee Brodie & Laura LaRosa for selling ads and to Maureen Thomas for layout and editing. We have received many compliments on the photos! PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS. Tell them you saw their Directory ad.
Good Guys List – we will be circulating the Lake Sherwood Good Guys List (local contractors you recommend) via email later this month. If you have feedback on any contractors listed (good or bad) or wish to add contractors, please let us know. Thanks to Jennifer McDowell for this idea and for agreeing to update the list with your feedback. Once complete, we will email and post on our website.
Bonfire & Skate – this first time event was a success. Thanks again to those who helped organize it. Their names were published in a prior email. No cost was incurred for this event. The Pond Hockey event did not occur due to weather/ice conditions. We will try again next winter. Thanks to Steve Racinski for suggesting this event.
Virtual Lake Sale—Ads are due May 1st. $5 for a few lines of text or $10 for a flyer (2 page limit). Email your ad to The For Sale email will be sent May 7th to overlap with our garage sale.
Woodland Shores Entrance – the property across Oxbow Lake Road from our sub has been sold. A contractor has been hired to mow the lawn and clean up the entrance. It should be looking better soon.
Lake Board – we are seeking other options to fund the DNR at the launch and/or the sheriff on the Lake.
Holiday Bonfire – Thanks to Kelly House and her family for organizing the Holiday Bonfire. Folks who helped Kelly were recognized on the volunteer page of the Directory.

New Business

Lawn & Landscape Bids – we obtained 5 bids. Our snow contractor Earth Concepts had the lowest bid (by far) for lawn mowing and mulch placement so we will give his team a try this year. Linda Tolman is back taking care of all of the plant beds. We decided not to do the weed & feed this year to save money for other projects.
No Solicitation Sign - We will be replacing the No Solicitation sign at the entrance as a sign is required to enforce the Township No Solicitation Ordinance. Once the sign has been replaced we will notify you. Until then it is legal for folks to solicit in our subdivision.
Park Benches – The approved budget includes funds to purchase two new benches for the pergola area in the park. We are buying benches that convert into a picnic table. The benches will be secured to the pergola to prevent theft, but we will use a lock system so that we can move them for special events. The existing park bench will be painted and moved closer to Burgess under the two maple trees so it can be used by folks walking in the sub or watching activities on the ball field.
Tree Planting – we will not be doing any tree planting this year. Folks who live on the Burgess Cul De Sac wish to maintain and open area between the trees for kids to play.
Potholes – if there are potholes on your street or on Oxbow Lake Road near the entrance please report them to the Oakland County Road Commission at 877 858 4804.

Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday April 19 @ 10:30 in the Park. The Easter Bunny will there and will pose for photos with your kids and grandkids so bring your cameras. 

Park Clean Up if your family uses the park and /or you attend events in the park please plan to join us for the Park Clean Up on Sunday April 27th @1p.m. We will be repairing and painting the fence and bench, cleaning up the grass and trimming along the fence line. We will also weed and edge the area around the swings and freshen up the playground mulch. If you are willing to pick up 2 yards of playground mulch that weekend, please contact Kelly House.

Garage Salethe subdivision garage sale will be held Thursday thru Saturday May 8-10 from 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. If you plan to hold a garage sale this year, please try to hold it this weekend. Ads will be placed on Craig’s List and elsewhere and a sign posted at the entrance.  Watch for a future email to sign up for the map.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm. Next CIHA meeting TBD in the Summer. Make sure to visit