Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Meeting Minutes 2016

Meeting called to order on April 12th at 7:00 PM at Linda Raye’s house. Present: Maureen Thomas – President, Linda Raye – Vice President, Mike Williams – Treasurer, Kelly House – Secretary, Valerie Brothers – Board Member, David Weber – Board Member and members Barb Morawski, Sherry Woodbeck and Ron Dawson

TREASURER’S REPORT - See attached Financial Statement. If you have not paid your dues, please do so this month. Check for $100 payable to CIHA. Mail to Mike Williams at 430 Coledale Drive.If you plan to participate in the garage sale please email me a few days before so we can list you on the map.


Meeting Regarding Sewers – Two informational meetings to answer questions on the possibility of sewers coming into the neighborhood will be held at the township hall on Saturday May 7th at 10 am and on Tuesday May 10th at 7pm. CIHA is not taking a position on this issue. We are only interested in ensuring that everyone is aware of the meetings so that all of your questions about this issue can be addressed.

Easter Egg Hunt – Another successful Easter Egg Hunt was enjoyed by all. Thanks to all those who helped to make it a success including: The Fadool family, Jeremy and Morgan MacBeth and Val, Olivia and Samantha Brothers.


Lawn Mowing and Landscape Contract - The bidding process is complete and CIHA will be staying with our current contractor for lawn mowing and bed mulch. Linda Raye has volunteered to maintain beds in common areas for free. Linda will also continue looking into an affordable landscape plan for the subdivision entrance.

Reporting Pot Holes– There are a number of potholes in our subdivision. Please call the Road Commission at 877-858-4804 to report them. The more people that call, the better the odds of getting them fixed!

Salting The Streets – Our current snow plow contract does not include salting the streets. The county will salt if several people call them. Due to the environmental impact of the salting on the lake we are continuing discussions about whether to add salting to our snow plow contract.

Goose Nest Removal– We will be doing goose nest removal again this year. The round ups no longer produce lasting results since the DNR does not take the geese out of state and the geese have been returning to the lake later in the summer. The ideal time to remove nests is April 16-April 30.

Park Clean Up– Park Clean-up will be Saturday April 30th at 10 am. BYO rakes, trimmer and shovels. Donuts will be served. Please come and help out, many hands make light work!

Garage Sale– The neighborhood garage sales will be held Thursday May 19th - Saturday May 21st, from 9am – 3pm. We will be advertising in the Spinal Column and on Craig’s list. Please contact Linda Raye at 248 698 4680 if you plan on participating so she can add you to the map. We have a large sign for the entrance. Directional signs within the subdivision are ok, but please no signs at the entrance. Our sign is quite large and is all that is needed at the entrance. If you plan to participate in the garage sale please email a few days before so we can list you on the map.

Dogs – Please remember to keep your dog on a leash when it is outside. If you have an invisible fence, please be sure it is operating. Also, we have received complaints about barking dogs and dog waste left when folks take their dog for a walk. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

Old Rowboat Wanted – CIHA is looking for an old rowboat. Please contact Linda Raye if you have one or know where we can obtain one for free. It need not be sea worthy.

The White Lake Police Department Outreach Program - The White Lake Police Department is introducing a new outreach program to assist senior citizens in our community. We will provide information as we receive it. The program is targeted at seniors who live alone and/or seniors who are not able to drive any longer, in an effort to help them feel safer in their homes and understand what public safety resources are available to them. For information, call Sgt. Matthew Ivory at the White Lake Police Department 248 698 4400 or email him at

CIHA Directory - The new Directory is in process and should be distributed next month.

Lake Level - Questions about the lake level should be directed to the Oakland County Water Resource Board at 248 858 0958.

Construction- Please be sure that any improvements you make to your property are in compliance with applicable Township ordinances AND the subdivision building and use restrictions, or you may be required to remove them. Copies of the restrictions are on the website Look on your tax bill to determine which subdivision you live in (there are 5) and your lot number(s).

Fireworks - the show is Friday July 1st at 10. Rain date is Friday July 8th at 10. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!


Budget Approval– The 2016 budget was unanimously approved with a few minor changes. We added $200 to neighbor tribute for neighborhood welcome gifts as approved at the annual meeting. Lawn cutting was increased by $50 to match the contract amount. Flower bed maintenance was reduced to $0 as we have a volunteer and $500 of that amount was added to the reserve for improvements at the front entrance. The final budget is shown in the attached Financial Statement.

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