Monday, August 7, 2017


Meeting called to order on May 11, 2017, at 7:08 P.M.
Present: Maureen Thomas – President, Linda Raye – Vice President, Mike Williams – Treasurer, Sherry Woodbeck– Secretary, Valerie Brothers – Board Member and members Judy Paulson, Dave Schoenegge

Treasurer’s Report: 

See attached year-end Financial Statement. The May 2017 financial statement will be sent later this month as it is being updated to show the 2017 budget. If you have not paid your dues, please do so this month. Make you check for $100 payable to “CIHA”. Fireworks donations may be made at same time. Mail to: Mike Williams at 430 Coledale Dr.

Updates Since Our Last Meeting:
  1. Lawn Mowing & Mulching Contract: Renewed as the pricing was the same as last year.
  2. Goose Nest Removal: Dave Schoenegge removed 1 nest with 9 eggs which was reported to the USDA & DEQ.
  3. Mute Swan Nest Removal: We will talk with Golden Shores and discuss this at the CIHA Annual Meeting. We need a Township resolution to participate in this program, so a formal CIHA vote is required.
  4. Common Area Clean Up: Ranveen cul de sac island was cleaned up thanks to Dyanna & Scott Schnell. Coledale Ct. island has been cleaned up thanks to Maureen Thomas. Burgess Dr. island is being attended to by several residents who live on that cul-de-sac.
  5. Fireworks Contract: A contract was signed and deposits paid for the 2018 and 2019 dates that received the most votes. We are hoping to secure a July 4th date for 2020. New members, please see the attached Fireworks Flyer which provides important information about the Fireworks.
  6. Holiday Bonfire & Toys for Tots: An abundance of toys were donated. Thank you, Linda Raye for organizing the bonfire and toy collection.
  7. Easter Egg Hunt: A fun time was had by all. Thanks to Valerie Brothers for organizing the event & Linda Raye for the decorations.
New Business:
  1. Budget Review: All items reviewed and discussed. Changes were made to several items as approved by the attendees and later emailed to the general membership. No objections were received. The 2017 Budget numbers will be reflected in the May 2017 financial statement which is forthcoming.
  2. Park Clean Up: As we were unable to secure volunteers to paint the swing set, park bench and special events signpost, and to perform additional landscape work in the park, we are accepting bids. If you want to bid the work (adults only) please send an email request by Friday June 9th to Creating a volleyball area in the park was discussed. Valerie Brothers will look into it.
  3. Road Repairs: The dip in the road at the subdivision entrance by the drain continues to be an issue. Please call to complain as multiple calls are required. Oakland County Road Commission - 877-858-4804.
  4. Snow Plowing Reserve: If we don't use all of the funds we have budgeted for snow removal in a given year, we will place those funds in a separate reserve for future winters when we have more snow that we can otherwise afford to plow.
  5. Tree Trimming: Big Twigs had the lowest bid and will be out June 5th to do the trimming in the park. The property owner next door has been notified.
  1. Leash your pet! State law requires your dog to be on a leash at all times when it is outside, even if you are in the yard with it.
  2. Please be considerate of your neighbors. Voices and barking carry across the bays and waterways. When you go out on your boat, please either take your dog with you, or keep your dog inside your home – to prevent it from disturbing others whilst you’re gone.
  3. Also, when left outside for extended periods, please check on your dog to make sure that it is not barking non-stop and that its leash will not allow it access to your neighbors’ property.
  4. If you are storing your garbage cans and/or other items outside of the garage, please be sure that the storage is screened and cannot be seen from the street or your neighbors’ property.

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