Sunday, October 1, 2017


Call to Order: 
The Summer Board Meeting was called to order at 7:11 P.M. on September 18, 2017 at the home of Mike and Terri Williams at 430 Coledale Dr.

In Attendance:
President: Maureen Thomas, Vice President: Linda Raye, Treasurer: Mike Williams, Secretary: Sherry Woodbeck and CIHA Members: Ernie Maier – Mary Schoenegge – David Schoenegge – Tracy Hagood – Marsha Niles – Judy Paulson – Julie Grix – Jon Karibian – Frank Wimmer – Kerri Wimmer – Ronney Dawson – Janice Dawson – Joe Raye – Chuck House – Kelly House – Terri Williams

Treasures Report:
Please see the attached financial report. We are well under budget for dues revenue. If you have not paid your dues, please pay today. Make your check for $100 payable to “CIHA” and send to Treasurer Mike Williams at 430 Coledale Drive.


The 2017 show was outstanding! Two-thirds of the donations came from outside of our HOA. We added 20 new donors across the lake by using volunteers to hand deliver flyers to homes that have not provided an email address. Thank you to Maureen Thomas who organized the collections outside of our subdivision and Mike Williams who handled the CIHA collections. Deposits have been paid for the next 2 years. Show dates are Friday, June 29, 2018 and Friday, June 28, 2019. These dates were selected from the dates the vendor offered based on a vote across the lake.

Progressive Dinner
This self-funding event was a big success. Residents from across the lake enjoyed traveling by boat to three homes for food, fun, and beverages. A shout out to CIHA members Steve Cooper, Mary Garrone, Mary Thayer, Larry & Tracy Hagood and Donna Bodner & Jim Kujawa for helping to make it a great evening.

Burgess Court Thefts
There have been several minor thefts on Burgess Court. Please remember to lock your car and don’t leave bikes and other valuables out in the open overnight. Always make a report to the White Lake Police – no matter how minor – as police department patrols are based on crime reports. Also if you see or hear something suspicious, call the police – 248 698 4400.

Virtual Lake Sale
This is our second time for this event. Sale items were emailed across the lake and listed on the CIHA Facebook page and another community Facebook page.

New Owners Welcome
Sherry Woodbeck delivered welcome letters and a packet of subdivision information, including our Directory to 4 new homeowners. CIHA also sent each family an “Edible Arrangement”. Many thanks to our neighbors Scott & Ginger Page who own several Edible Arrangement locations for their assistance. The new homeowners are: Brent & Michelle Mullin 600 Ranveen – Brad & Nicole Pelton 9918 Burgess Ct. – Kristopher & Taylor Coltson 9964 Burgess Ct. – Brooks & Gina Boughton 9915 Burgess Ct.

New Business: Entrance Sign
Thank you to Linda Raye for purchasing the mums and pumpkins at the entrance.

Snow Removal Bids
We will seek bids this year for plowing at 2” and 4” with both a per push and seasonal rate. More discussion on this at the annual meeting in November.

Bylaw Updates
We are working on cleanup and changes to the bylaws which will be voted on at the annual meeting.

Lawn Mowing 2018
We are looking at expanding our lawn service in 2018 and will investigate efforts to improve lawn cutting at the Burgess Drive cul-de-sac island.

Halloween Bonfire
Linda Raye will be organizing this event on Tuesday, October 31 at 7:30 in the park. Look for an email with volunteer opportunities.

Dog Issues
We continue to receive complaints from members regarding pet owners who do not keep their dogs on a leash when outside and do not clean up after their dogs when they take them out for walks. State law requires your dog to be on a leash and under your control at all times when it is outside, even if you are in the yard with it.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 P.M. 

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